MEDpro ureteral stents are used to prevent or treat obstructions of the urine flow from kidneys.

Ureteral stents are used to ensure the patency of a ureter, compromised, for example, by kidney stones. This method is often used as a temporary measure, to prevent damage to a blocked kidney, until  a procedure to remove a stone or stones can be performed.

Medpro supplies both short duration (White, Blue and Green) and long duration stents (yellow). When long indwelling times are indicated, the MEDpro LONG DURO stent is the perfect instrument. Such long indwelling times are the case when ureters are compressed by tumors near or on the ureter itself and need to be held open.

MEDpro stents provide an effective way of draining urine through the ureter. MEDpro stents are also placed in irritated or scratched ureters. This often occurs  during  the ‘basket grab procedure’, a ureteroscopy procedure to remove stones. The stents are then left in place for about a week to  ensure that the ureter does not spasm or collapse after the procedure.

The MEDpro standard stents are made of radiopaque Tecoflex® Polyurethane material. The stents are well designed and engineered for ease of placement and patient comfort. The MEDpro LONG DURO stent is made of a special Carbothane® Polyurethane. All MEDpro products are delivered in sterile peel-open packaging.
They are intended for one-time use only. MEDpro advises periodic evaluation of the products.


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Double J Stent (Ureteral Stent) Both end single loop

Double J Stent (Ureteral Stent) One end multi loop

Double J Stent (Ureteral Stent) Both end multi loop

Loop Stent

Endopyelotomy Stent

Mono J Stent

Prostate Stent

Tumor Stent

Urethral Stent

Stent Remover