The Track Finder Bulb Irrigator is an elegantly simple irrigation device that enables physician to control the flow of irrigation. The result is far greater accuracy and enhanced visualization during endoscopic procedures.

The TFBI features:

  • Improved visualization;
  • The bulb can be compressed in various handheld positions;
  • Fits easily and unobtrusively in one hand;
  • Provides continuous flow and pulsatile action with minimal tubing;
  • Provides accurate delivery of bolus irrigation;
  • Optional control by physician or assistant;
  • Scope moves easily with bulb attached;
  • Attaches to any scope;
  • Less cumbersome than syringe administration.



The MEDpro Track Finder Bulb Irrigation is made of clear PVC. The set is supplied in a sterile, peel-open package and is intended for onoe-time use only.



                     The MEDpro Track Finder Bulb Irrigation ordering details: