Medica 2016 

Medica Banner 2016Once again the Medpro Medical team will be exhibiting at the world's largest event for the medical industry, the Medica in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

The Medica will be held from 14 to 17 November 2016.
We will be at our usual spot: booth E30 on the ground floor in Hall 7. There, we will show you the very latest in urology products and bring you up to date with our latest research & development.
You are more than welcome to visit us whether you are a distributor, medical professional, friend or just passing by. Our freshly brewed Dutch coffee and tea will be waiting for you!  

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MEDpro Medical introduces its latest development:
The Dr. Overtoom Easy 1 Bladder Access and exchange pack.

The MEDpro Medical R&D team, together with Dr. Tim Overtoom have developed the Easy 1 Bladder Access and exchange pack. The Easy 1 is an extremely useful kit which can be stocked in every operating theatre and is used when complications with urinary catheterisation occur.

Normally, as a standard practice, urinary catheters are inserted in patients during operations that last more than 30 minutes. In this way, the patient’s bladder is kept drained during and shortly after the procedure.

Yet on average, difficulties arise in more than 1 in 6 cases when inserting and accessing the bladder, especially when stenosis develops. In order to deal with such situations, The Easy 1 Bladder Access and exchange pack has been specially developed to deal with such situations without the need to call in a urologist or delay the procedure, wasting precious time.

Diagram Overtoom
The Easy 1 pack contains all the necessary materials to allow an anaesthetist or OR nurse to carry out the Dr. Overtoom bladder access procedure by themselves and without delay. With the unique, patented position verification catheter included in the pack, a simple check can be performed to test whether the patient is then passing urine correctly. Verification X-rays and fluoroscopic verification are therefore no longer needed, once again saving time.
MEDpro and Dr. Overtoom have already given a sneak preview of the new pack during the EAU congress in Madrid and will be showing it in detail during the Dutch Urology Association’s up-coming spring meeting, which will be held on May 28th and May 29th in Den Bosch.
The Dr. Ovetoom Easy 1 pack contains the following:
• 1 x 14 Fr Foley catheter 35 cm
• 1 x Fascial Dilator 10 Fr
• 1 x Fascial Dilator 14 Fr
• 1 x Nitinol Guidewire hydro 0.035 / 80 cm
• 1 x Syringe for lubricating guide wire
• 1 x Syringe with 6 mL catheter lubricating gel
• 1 x Syringe with 10 mL balloon inflating gel
• 1 x Unique patented position verification catheter

 Download our Easy1 Pack fact sheet now!





 The EAU congress & exhibition in Madrid was a busy three days for the MEDpro team and Dr. Tim Overtoom.

Once again, there was enormous interest in Dr. Tim's balloon catheter and this time also for our new, Easy bladder access pack for use in operating theatre, should acute bladder stenosis occur in a patient.

We would like to thank all of our visitors and the EAU for making this a successful exhibition for MEDpro. Hopefully we'll have better weather next year!

EAU Stand 2015

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